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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Existence and Experience

Everything that transpires in our existence has its own purpose. And God, the Lord of history, assures when to make His mighty works best fulfilled. Moreover, He has the full control to where our lives should be heading to.

My vocation to become religious missionary someday brings me here in the Starjed as HuFED Program Officer after a two-year exposure at St. Paul University Surigao as faculty in Grade School Department deepened my self-knowledge and enjoys the grace of community living with compensation. Discerning the signs of the time convinces me that I am so far on the right track.
Perhaps, the most conspicuous yet mysterious among those signs that exhort me to this side of the planet is the “Word of God.” The dictionary defines the word “word” as “a speech sound or combination of sounds which has come to signify and communicate a particular idea or thought and which functions as the smallest meaningful unit of a language when used in isolation.” No wonder, we the employees of God’s company the Starjed centralizes the Holy Bible in our spiritual program like our faith sharing; OPM and BEC, because we believe that God communicates to us through her.
I begin the next chapter of my journey by becoming open to God’s graces first so that I become deserving to be call as one of God’s children. For me, being employed here in God’s Company is a great defy like what the gospel says, “Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” This maxim might be the prologue of my own respective book of life that, after browsing, tasting and swallowing it up, clarifies the direction and gives meaning to my future reading that I am humbly hoping that I may arrive one day to my final epilogue which is – GOD.
To become God’s steward and for being a positive influence is a conce
ssion but demands sincere and deep love to the Divine Mercy. I have to befit myself as God’s chosen one who will never trade-off the conviction to the word made flesh in exchange of ephemeral, material things in this world.
Like Peter, who had given the undertaking by Jesus to hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven. I myself also have a great responsibility in life to not fail moving forward and facing the dreaded future with courage and complete
trust to His Divine Providence. This challenges me to really find Him in the midst of other people who will come in contact with me in order to share my light to them in my future mission.
I am hopeful to continue living up the gospel values embedded in me by my parents and from my seminary formation and because of this company I will live in His presence together with the flock entrusted to me. Life is a great recorder of experiences; it might be glorious, sorrow and joy. I may be somebody else if not of my particular experiences. In order for me to experience my life in its fullest sense, to become more mature and grow as a unique individual, there is a need for me to have a certain goal to follow – GOD.